Made-to-Measure Homes

Homes that reflect your taste and lifestyle

One of the things that make Wycliffe communities unique is that every home is unique. That's because you get to put your own personal touch and design vision on the exterior and interior of your home, thanks to a two-part interview that's integral to our purchase process and that makes every Wycliffe home made-to-measure – just for you.

Part I: The construction interview

Our two-part interview process starts with the construction interview, where you decide on the various components, such as brick colours and shingle styles, that will form the exterior of your home. Want to move a wall or a door? We'll work with you to make it happen – even if means adding more hours to our production schedule.

Part II: The design interview

The second part of our two-part interview brings you closer to realizing your vision for your home. For the design interview, we bring you into our Décor Centre where you get to choose from a wide range of fixtures and finishes – from kitchen faucets and tiles to hardwood floors, carpets, railings and paint colours. By taking the extra time to customize your Wycliffe home, we ensure that the finished product is a place you'll always be happy to come home to.

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