Our Green Philosophy

Our commitment to sustainable building means better homes for you

Wycliffe Homes is committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable building practices – a commitment reflected in our choice of structural designs, building material, electrical components and home appliances, and through the Energy Star certification we apply to many of our homes. Natural forests and green spaces are an integral part of most of our communities, so we take great care to protect these areas and ensure our designs respect the aesthetics of the landscape.

Energy Star logo

Wycliffe is also an active member of several Ontario landowner groups that develop and shares ideas on building even more environmentally friendly homes in the future. Our joint initiatives and discussions include water conservation, geothermal energy opportunities, green roofs, solar panels, and ways to exceed Energy Star compliance. For you, our commitment to sustainable building means a healthier and more energy-efficient home you and your family will be proud to own.


Then and Now

Wycliffe celebrates 60 years of excellence

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